How Bredin's has grown to become one of the largest quality furniture suppliers in Donegal

Our journey began in 1982 when Jim and Margaret Bredin had a dream: to provide our local community with top-notch furniture at affordable prices. Fast forward to today, and we've not only survived but thrived, overcoming numerous challenges along the way, including economic ups and downs.

Bredins Furniture Moville Co Donegal Royal Suite

Now, under the capable leadership of their son, Paul, and our dedicated team, we're excited to share that we've expanded our reach. We've opened a second furniture shop, House 2 Home Interiors, strategically located in Bridgend, Co Donegal, to better serve our Northern Ireland customers.

But that's not all! We've also strengthened our delivery capabilities by adding another van to our fleet, ensuring that we can meet the growing demand from customers all across the country. Plus, our website has made it possible for us to share our fantastic furniture offerings with people nationwide.


And here's the cherry on top: This year, we're gearing up to grow our team once again, all thanks to the incredible demand from our wonderful customers. We're committed to continuing our tradition of providing you with top-quality furniture and exceptional service, and we can't wait to welcome new faces to our Bredin's Warehouse.

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